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Ma LDo HD texture upgrade is definetly recommended by me, but for now my main goal is to improve visuals with what I have from the start.We are working solidly wanting to help the community of Cry Tek and Crysis gamers for a better gameplay experience both for new and returning players.

* Fixed a number of memory leaks with some procedural vegetation and destroyable objects physicalization.* Fixed issue where player will exit VTOL from closed rear hatch irrespective of seat.* Continuously firing the VTOL machine gun in 3rd person mode no longer causes the VTOL to descend. * Fixed identical swimming sounds being used on surface, underwater and swimming in different directions. s view after being picked up * Fixed an issue where in unarmed mode, the character's arms will suddenly reappear and disappear when picking up and dropping an object.We want to thank anyone who enjoys our update and are willing to help us out with it.No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

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