Updating hp unix system steps

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All the system applications create their log files in /var/log and its sub-directories. To update Virtual I/O server from a local directory # updateios -dev /tmp/viopack -install -accept 2.Mainly the issue happens only when oracle environment (ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID, ORACLE_BASE) is not identical to the Oracle environment of Download the latest patch available (SAP12102P_1509-20012300.ZIP) from the service marketplace & save it under directory /oracle/stage by changing permissions & ownerships from root user to new database software owner.There are four basic syslog terms that you should understand − Action What happens to an incoming message that matches a selector — Actions can write the message to a log file, echo the message to a console or other device, write the message to a logged in user, or send the message along to another syslog server.

Individual programs that need to have information logged, send the information to syslog.Log files have the propensity to grow very fast and consume large amounts of disk space.To enable log rotations, most distributions use tools such as newsyslog or logrotate.In this chapter, we will discuss in detail about system logging in Unix.Unix systems have a very flexible and powerful logging system, which enables you to record almost anything you can imagine and then manipulate the logs to retrieve the information you require.

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