Updating imac os

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My old server had an internal SATA disk shared over AFP.New server has a Thunderbolt 3 disk attached via a TB2 adapter and shared over SMB.It could communicate using ethernet, it’s 56k modem, or Ir DA, but the only way to hook up a mouse, keyboard, printer, sketch tablet, floppy drive, or card reader was the USB port.What the PC world had been unable to do over nearly three years, Apple did overnight – it made USB an important interface for peripherals.

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Note: When installing you may see options in the Clover Boot Menu that have hte text “External” instead of the normal cylinder icons.Some Apple dealers had special midnight hours to help meet demand for the Bondi blue desktop that Steve Jobs had unveiled in May. Intel, Microsoft, Philips, and US Robotics supported the new interface, which had been introduced in November 1995.Steve Jobs had begun the i Mac project right after his return to Apple, putting design wizard Jonathan Ive in charge of creating a new kind of personal computer. The Mac Web, which had been through the lowest point in the Mac’s history, had been analyzing the original i Mac‘s design and specs since the day Jobs showed off the preproduction unit. It became a normal feature on PCs over the next two years, but the market remained wed to parallel port printers and serial devices.As a side note, I appears that my cutomized file is also intact, too (both files live in the /etc directory).I haven't looked at Apple's default settings in High Sierra, nor have I attempted to to do an in-place upgrade from older versions of mac OS & OS X (i.e.; El Capitan, etc).

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