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If you still get that error message following EXACTLY the steps above, you may have a corrupted file.

If so, a reload of the latest build of your version may be required.

I assume that you are opening the drawing, then going over to the POINTS tab, then down to the SET COORDINATE FILE selection, then clicking on the EXISTING tab and then double clicking the desired crd file?

I update the TOC field- select TOC and right mouse click, select Update Fieldresult: toc doesnt update3.

Therefore the reason why Word cant pick The Word hidden bookmarks are internally generated. This sometimes manages to save corrupted documents without having to completely retype them.further update..the TOC the heading displays with "Error! If I select this heading line in the TOC right mouse click and select Toggle Field Codes. However when I updated the TOCs it cleared the error messages, and displayed correct page numer.

Is there anyway I can create a hidden bookmark to reference? the result is: displays Words hidden bookmark names I goto ribbon Insert, Bookmarks, and tick checkbox Hidden bookmarks. The "missing" hidden bookmark was displayed in the bookmark list3.

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