Updating ssl

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This can be used alternatively and/or additionally to This directive sets the directory where you keep the Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) of Certification Authorities (CAs) whose clients you deal with.These are used to revoke the client certificate on Client Authentication.This is supported with version 2.4.8 and later, and obsoletes .When running with Open SSL 1.0.2 or later, this allows to configure the intermediate CA chain on a per-certificate basis.The files in this directory have to be PEM-encoded and are accessed through hash filenames.

updating ssl-69

It is especially useful to avoid conflicts with CA certificates when using client authentication.

(See Std Env Vars, below.) The generated variables are listed in the table below.

For backward compatibility the information can be made available under different names, too.

thinking that this issues is coused because of inconsistencies in hdd as i had solaris installed on this system, did a debug & chkdsk on disk, on issues with hdd detected.

no matter what all i have tried error msg always remains the same.

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