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The Bind Required attribute (also see Customize model binding behavior with attributes) is useful to ensure form data is complete.

When applied to a property, the model binding system requires a value for that property.

Model state represents validation errors in submitted HTML form values.

MVC will continue validating fields until reaches the maximum number of errors (200 by default).

Many useful validation attributes can be found in the System. For those times, you can create custom validation attributes by deriving from .

It saves time they would otherwise spend waiting for a round trip to the server.

In business terms, even a few fractions of seconds multiplied hundreds of times each day adds up to be a lot of time, expense, and frustration.

Instead, MVC's Tag Helpers and HTML helpers are able to use the validation attributes and type metadata from model properties to render HTML 5 data- attributes in the form elements that need validation.

MVC generates the attributes and passes the logic to j Query Validate, effectively "copying" the server side validation logic to the client.

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