Validating date server side in php extreme dating uncut

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Developers regularly screw this up, but Postgre SQL provides some good solutions.Yes, client side validation can be totally bypassed, always.

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What if the user manually edits the URL, or runs their own Javascript, or tweaks their HTTP requests with another tool?

What if they send custom HTTP requests from requests as if the user had filled each company's search form, then gathered and sorted all the results.

Those companies' form JS was never executed, and it was crucial for us that they provide error messages in the returned HTML.

Of course, an API would have been nice, but this was what we had to do.) Not allowing for that is not only naive from a security standpoint, but also non-standard: a client should be allowed to send HTTP by whatever means they wish, and you should respond correctly. Server side validation is also important for compatibility - not all users, even if they're using a browser, will have Java Script enabled.

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