Vb net call validating event

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Empty) End If End If End Sub Private Sub Validation Test_Form Closing( _ By Val sender As System. Form Closing 'Close the form without the need for validation when Auto Validate is on e.The second is to do something like what I did below.I took the tool bar mouse down event and gave focus to a control like a button in this case when that event fires.

hey man, earlier i tried on lost focus but failed... If this button closes a form, then try setting a bool value in the form itself that is changed by the else statement mentioned above. 2nd, Whether Leave or Validating approach another thing you can do is set/reset the Is Exiting flag in the Mouse Enter (set to True) and Mouse Leave (reset to False) events of the btn Exit control (remove that Mouse Down event then). false) put e.cancel(); The event args for a closing tend to have a cancel. As a matter of fact I just tested it in VS and some bizarre things are happening.for example: u have 3textboxes with this formula : textbox3.text=textbox1text you want textbox3 to display results when u tab out of textbox2 or onclick on other place, so juz double click textbox2 and dump your codes there..fact juz dump the formula codes i've writen.hence, if u you enter "Hello" in textbox1 and "Sir" in textbox2 and tab out or onclick on other place...textbox3 will display "Hello Sir" immediately.

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