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All you have to do is follow the instructions on your email receipt and you will be refunded for the full purchase price. The system has been designed around the simple idea of asking women three questions that will tell you the type of sexual response system that a woman has.This is believed to be the key factor to attracting her since all women are quite different. Di Carlo is among the leading coaches today for men today on getting more dates with the women, attracting different women as well as gaining self-confidence amongst men.The whole program works on finding out the personality type of girls.Moreover, in order to find the 3 traits, you will have to do it by finding the following things from the girl, which are also known as her “conflicts”: Time Line Is your girl an investor (N) or is she a Tester (T)?A tester (T) is capable of dating multiple guys at a single whereas an investor (N) is only able invest her time on just one person at a given time. Sex Line Is the girl of your dreams a Justifier (J) or is she a Denier (D)? Does your girl deny that she had sex or whether wants sex?Pandora’s Box – The 3 Simple Questions by Vin Di Carlo offers every kind of assistance you’ve ever needed to finally get out of that losing dating streak, and then build upon your success into long-lasting relationship, if that is your goal.With Pandora’s Box System you can say farewell to: The regular price of Pandora's Box System™ by Vin Di Carlo is 9.95 (the front-end offer on 3Simple, but today you can have it for just .95. Clicking the yellow buttons will take you to a secure checkout page processed by Di Carlo Help, a trusted online retailer equipped with the most advanced security measures for order processing.

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Let’s face it: Meeting women, dating and getting sex are all stressful because: * You’re putting yourself “out there” to a stranger, who can reject you with a single word…

* You have to “tip toe” through the “dating minefield” – where a one wrong move could set her off… * Every time you see a beautiful woman, you worry about, “what should I say?

The Vin Di Carlo Pandoras Box system contains different media, videos and 10 PDF guides.

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