Virginia legal separation and dating

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If they divorce later, the separation expedites the action.

Unless the parties divorce later, the separate order remains effective indefinitely.

In the event of a divorce, a West Virginia judge incorporates the terms of the agreement into a divorce decree, provided that it is fair and reasonable to both spouses.

Couples who wish to divorce at a later date (but are not in a hurry) can simply separate for a year.

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If this occurs, Virginia allows you to ask the court to order the terms of your separation for you.

If you and your spouse believe it would be helpful, you can draw up a formal agreement explaining the terms of your separation.

Virginia recognizes separation agreements – also called property settlement agreements in this state – as legally binding documents.

If you elect this option, you must file a bill of complaint, just as you would for a regular divorce, but you’re limited to two grounds: desertion or cruelty.

After a year's time, you can covert the divorce from bed and board into an absolute divorce if you want to.

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