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In this chapter, we’ll learn what a database is, and how to work with your own My SQL databases using Structured Query Language.

A database server (in our case, My SQL) is a program that can store large amounts of information in an organized format that’s easily accessible through programming languages like PHP.

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As I explained in that chapter, PHP is a server-side scripting language that lets you insert into your web pages instructions that your web server software (in most cases, Apache) will execute before it sends those pages to browsers that request them.Net Nanny's real-time filtering technology gives you visibility and control over your child’s online activity with easy to use parental controls.In addition to curbing accidental exposure to pornography for minors, adults are able to utilize our internet filtering technology for accountability from gambling and pornography addictions.In a brief example, I showed how it was possible to insert the current date into a web page every time it was requested.Now, that’s all well and good, but things really become interesting when a database is added to the mix.

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