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Today we share one of the fragments of the edition, which you may buy in the Gallery on Shabolovka in Moscow and in the Architectural Association School of Architecture bookshop in London.🚩Before the revolution there were factories and industrial buildings in the area of Shabolovka, that was usual for the outskirts.

The conversation was about citizens life scenarios that may be the base for the new urban housing models. I have seen the urban studies developed by the students in the previous workshops and I'm really looking forward to see how they develop into a build project.

Participants of the workshop will team up with the interdisciplinary group of tutors to e...

For this Friday evening we offer you to listen to the lecture of Architectural Association School of Architecture.

📍In the 1980s the district was rebuilt without following the original project of ASNOVA architects.

In 2015 a researcher of the Avant-garde Center, Evdokiya Bugreeva, restored the color schemes for the facades that Nikolai Travin designed.

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