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Nevertheless, the biggest Weibo stars are still the ‘traditional celebrities’ in the sense that they have made their big breakthrough through TV or cinema.

Many of them simply have become so big on Weibo because they were among the first celebrities to join the platform since its beginning in 2009.

Sina Weibo is often called the “Chinese Twitter”, but actually it is more versatile.

The platform functions as what could be said to be a combination of Facebook and Twitter, but ultimately is unique.

In December 2016, Weibo had 313 million monthly active users.

They are more active in reacting on other people and sharing their views (Gao et al 2012, 93; Sullivan 2012, 774).Xie Na stars in many popular Chinese films and television series.She has also released several albums, founded a personal clothing line, and published two books.Its daily active users are still on the increase, with in 2015.The private dimension of Weibo (talking amongst friends) has made room for Weixin, where P2P is the most important form of interaction.

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