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Twenty years after that rally changed Audrey and Ekke's lives, they've spent four years on the road, travelling 150,000 kilometres through 79 countries.Throughout their journey Horizons Unlimited has played an important role; inspiring, informing and connecting them to fellow travellers.They were captivated by the idea and spent the next couple of years figuring out how to make their own adventure happen.In 2002, they took their first of four year-long leaves of absence to travel throughout Europe and northern Africa.Having learned that they loved travelling, they promptly started planning their next adventure, to travel around the world from north to south in 2007.While that didn't go quite as planned, they were able to ride the length of Africa and the breadth of Canada.Whatever your past experience or future plans may be, there's something for everyone.The event schedule can be downloaded approximately a week before the event.

With careful planning and consideration, a little can actually go a VERY long way indeed. Rally Raid Kit for the BMW G310GSTentatively an extension of "Double or Nothing" or on display Decked out with its customized Rally Raid kit, Jenny's new BMW G310GS will be on-site for your viewing pleasure. And, as always, she's on hand for all your questions about it! In the central heart of Afghanistan, the hidden valley of Bamiyan! A.-Mexico, just cruising with a friend on his way to Ushuaia as far as the Guatemalan border. America seems to be obsessed with billboards and giant statues along the highway still hawk a baffling array of roadside attractions, tempting passing travelers to view giant blue whales, to see live rattlesnakes and other wild creatures on display in roadside menageries, or to stay at any of the local hotel with unusual themes.

They will highlight the lessons learned on their journey around the world.

EKKE and AUDREY KOK have been travelling around the world by motorbike ever since seeing Susan and Grant's presentation in 1998.

Northern e Xposure An on- and off-road adventure through Canada and the bordering United States This is the U. debut of Jenny's brand new travel video/slide-show presentation featuring highlights from her Summer 2017 solo adventure ride onboard her trusty Rally-Raid/Honda CB500X Adventure bike.

This 10,000-mile journey through Canada and the bordering U. states includes some of the best backroads, by-ways and off-road trails between some familiar and lesser-known points of interest.

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