Who dating viggo mortensen

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She tells him there's a medical supply they've run out of that he needs to pick up. He doesn't need to say that it's a matter of dignity. Mortensen sleeps in the next room with a baby monitor on. He comes out of the store and discreetly loads his purchase into the trunk. It was his mother, he tells me, who was from Watertown. "Little Viggo," as he was called—Europeans don't use —was born in New York City, the first of three sons. Since 2009, he's been living in Madrid with the actress Ariadna Gil. "Because I fell in love and she lived there." (After graduating from St. We leave the peaceful waterfall and drive into the strip-mall part of town, pulling into a dreary parking lot in Watertown. But when he was still a baby, his father—who was a farmer in Denmark—got a job with a company that sent him to Argentina to manage poultry farms. Viggo the father went on to a string of wives and other women. Lawrence University in 1980, not far from Watertown, he moved to Denmark and stayed there for a woman. I'd been expecting to find him in a jolly mood after Return of the King's Oscar success.But then, the other shoe, a great big iron horseshoe, drops with a thud when we move on to the depiction of the Arab characters in the movie, who are broadly brushstroked, but no more so than the film's other characters.There's lots of hunting and gore and kumbaya, and there's even a long, lingering scene of Mortensen once again in the altogether. On the way, he walks me through his "obsession" (his word) with death."I think about death all the time," he tells me as we both fire up another cigarette, him leaning over to light mine. He has never had a problem with letting it all hang out; like his ability to speak eight languages, he doesn't really get why people make such a big deal out of it. "I mean, when I was a little kid, some of my first memories are waking up and going, 'Ugh, I'm gonna die.' " As a kid?

Hidalgo doesn't require Mortensen to speak dialogue on a par with Shakespeare, or even emote much, but he gets to do some of the things he does well, like show off his skill with languages by speaking a bit of Native American (he is reputedly fluent in Danish and Spanish), appear manly and chiselled, and ride horses beautifully.

This led to spectacular performances in classics like , a nasty piece of business about the Russian mob that got him his first and only Best Actor Oscar nomination and features a knife fight in the nude that few men can recall without wincing. And we are suddenly both laughing hysterically, until it hurts. He thinks maybe he'll know one of the TSA agents, but when we get to security, he knows no one. The TSA cop wants to know what I was doing in Syracuse for just eight hours.

(He lost to Daniel Day-Lewis, for , directed not by Cronenberg but by an actor-writer-director named Matt Ross, with Mortensen playing an endearing, passionate, complicated—okay, weird—father who tries to protect his kids from the pressures of a conformist, commodified society. We decide to grab a late lunch, pulling into a diner by Lake Ontario, where he orders a tuna-fish sandwich.

By now, one can safely assume that most people know who Viggo Mortensen is.

A few years ago, it would have required explaining, considering that he was best known for having been in a few indie movies, playing Gwyneth Paltrow's lover in A Perfect Murder, a suitor of Nicole Kidman in The Portrait of a Lady, and John Gavin's role in Gus Van Sant's remake of Psycho.

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