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Yet, like Hamlet taking on Claudius in the Shakespeare play from which this miniseries gets its name, he must keep digging to avenge his dad lest he, himself, go mad. The fight scenes are riveting (and often bloody), and the hero and his companions are well-developed, but it’s Vincent D’Onofrio complicated turn as the crime boss Wilson Fisk that elevates the show into something special.But what does this mean for the audience watching Eric’s story play out on screen? Marvel’s Daredevil Creator: Drew Goddard Stars: Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Rosario Dawson, Vincent D’Onofrio Premiered: 2015 Marvel and DC have both tried to leverage their movie dominance onto the small screen many times over, but the only beloved TV show based on a comic book has come from indie publisher Image with The Walking Dead. The Hell’s Kitchen of Matt Murdoch’s world is much grittier than that of his Marvel cohorts on ABC’s Agents of S. Both Fisk and Murdoch want to clean up the city, and will go to great lengths to do it. —Amy Glynn Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll, Michael Kelly Premiered: 2013 Despite struggling, since its second season, to recapture the misanthropic bristle of the first, House of Cards remains, alongside Orange Is the New Black, an essential title in the Netflix canon.Paste is here to help you navigate the Netflixbest original series, we left out shows that originated on another network, including those that received a second life on Netflix (sorry Arrested Development, and, though it’s probably for the best, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life). Now, let’s get to Paste’s answer to the question, “What should I watch on Netflix? Chef’s Table / Ugly Delicious Creator: David Gelb / David Chang and Morgan Neville Premiered: 2017 / 2018 In a way, these food series are almost opposites: Chef’s Table deifies while Ugly Delicious humanizes; the first takes on one chef per episode while the second has one chef taking on a range of different scenes, cuisines, and traditions. In the end, though, both shows are about the ever-fascinating interplay of the mundane and the sublime that is food and eating.

Have you always wanted to be tied up like The Dukes of Hazzard, or Supernatural's Winchester brothers?

Even though he stumbles during the show’s midsection, his errors don’t add up to more than an inconvenience: Luke Cage blends its source material with a wide range of influences, from jazz to rap to horrors ripped straight from the headlines, and churns out a yarn that’s as powerful as it is irresistibly poppy. Wormwood Creator: Stars Peter Sarsgaard, Christian Camargo, Molly Parker, and Tim Blake Nelson Premiered: 2017 Documentary legend Errol Morris’ Netflix project is a lesson about the struggles of how much distrust we can still have for the very people we have to trust to get the answers. D.—no surprise since the show was created by Drew Goddard, director of Cabin in the Woods.

Clinical psychologist Eric Olson knows he shouldn’t believe the government, particularly when they come forward decades later to explain some of the circumstances of his dad’s death. Goddard, who wrote episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayerlias and Lost is also no stranger to the comics world, having written a few issues of the Buffy comics.

Bobby and Karamo shine as the most cogent speakers and help establish the relationships needed for anyone’s heart to truly change.

Content Warning: Every episode may necessitate tissues. American Vandal Creators: Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault Stars: Tyler Alvarez, Griffin Gluck, Jimmy Tatro, Lou Wilson and Jessica Juarez Premiered: 2017 True crime TV was a network phenomenon long before it hopped to podcasts and streaming, but that made it explode even further into the current generation’s consciousness.

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