Who is batista dating now

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Such vixenish behavior reportedly got Mickie James shipped to Smackdown! Triple H's particular dating resume earns merit primarily for the power involved in it, both figuratively and literally.

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If you grew up watching wrestling in the 80's, chances are you had a 'girl next door' type crush on Miss Elizabeth.The career move enabled Angle to spend more time with his family.While Kurt Angle did get his wish of spending more time with Karen Angle, this has now come in the form of a worked shoot feud between Angle, his now ex-wife, and Jeff Jarrett.As a matter of fact, many backstage dramas pertaining to romantic relationships are often more fascinating than that of the on-screen angles carefully constructed for entertainment purposes.So much so, in fact, that a considerable handful of on-screen lover's quarrels stem from real-life events to better captivate the wrestling audience by adding a level of reality to supplement the intrigue.

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