Who is jiro wang dating

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For that particular photo, he wrote, "Today I finally asked her and she said yes. ", but later told fans that it was just an April Fool's joke.Fans and friends had since congratulated the couple, with fellow Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen saying that the members will wait for his wedding so that they can become his groomsmen.In my opinion, a girl who wears a T-shirt and shorts will exude a pleasant feeling and is pleasant to the eyes.

Last week, Jiro and Ruby were spotted on a movie date, at a cinema in Taipei.

The pair reportedly fell in love after playing an on-screen couple in the drama.

According to an insider, Jiro, who is five years younger than Ruby, had complimented the actress, even before filming started."She's very pretty and I'm very happy to be working with her.

When asked which aspect of Jiro leaves the deepest impression, fans might mention the many beloved characters he has portrayed in various TV dramas, or the rock ‘n roll singing style he showed off in his album What Are You Waiting For , which was released last year.

Another likely answer is his muscular figure, honed to near perfection through hours and hours of relentless exercise, for the sake of showing off his body in dramas like Absolute Boyfriend In order to prepare for these scenes, Jiro would exercise three days a week, for two hours each time, no matter how late filming ended that day.

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