Who is melissa rivers dating

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But after just a matter of months, she has -- ironically, with Steve Hirsch, owner and CEO of one of the most successful porn companies in the world. It happened by accident, but I am dating someone awesome now." Promising that all her friends will now be getting free porn for Christmas, Melissa makes it clear that her new man isn’t in the films he produces."There were web cams and he was soliciting people online," Melissa says of her ex on the set of my HDNet talk show, "Naughty But Nice." "It was very bad. "He's very normal, he's just a businessman in the business," Melissa says.All night, girls were coming up to me asking about how they looked, and I would just think, 'Well, I can't see your vagina, so that's good,' and their makeup is running down their faces and there's actually a best anal work award.

"Stars" of the tapes include Kim and Ray J, Chyna, and Shauna Sand. Rumors have it that Melissa dumped her old beau BECAUSE he was on an adult website.

@Mel Rivers & @Robin Meade spill the 'tea' on the #Royal Wedding dresses that have everyone talking... 😛 @Ariana Grande: I love the fabric picture of Sistine Chapel. Kate Moss: I swear, she could wear a paper bag and still own the room.

including one look that you might call "refreshing." trib.al/j JYexup Other notable mentions! #Met Gala pic.twitter.com/JWu8k M2O10 When you Run for Hope, you run for the memory and celebrate the lives of those who have died.

The series, which premieres Saturday, February 23 at 9/8c on the network, will show off the good times and the awkward ones, which for Melissa includes attempting to keep up her dating life while living in the same home as her mom. ” Michelle Beadle asked Melissa about her dating life. “I think lesbianism is great, ‘cause you can double your wardrobe.” Jokes aside, Joan said the moment happened during an evening out with friends. Many of my friends are gay and it was just — I went to a dinner and I had a couple of drinks and I thought, ‘Come on…

“We do have one thing this season where I walk in on her with somebody,” Joan revealed. She should have locked her door.” The incident prompted a discussion of sorts.

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