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From the 1960s onward Burt Lancaster was a devout supporter of the activist/quasi-religious organization known as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Providing details about the extent and depth of Lancaster's commitment to liberal political causes generally and the ACLU specifically is beyond the scope of this page, but the subject is covered in detail in multiple biographies about him.Burt sang in the choir of his family's church throughout much of his childhood, until the age of fifteen when puberty changed his voice.Throughout his life Burt Lancaster strived to live by many of the Christian ethical teachings his mother instilled in him.104th Street was operated by the Union Settlement House, and the Lancasters were part of its largely Irish and German congregation.During the performance, in which Burt played an angel, he discovered that a piece of gum had stuck to the bottom of his shoe, and his efforts to remove the offending confection brought the house down.

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